About us

Xayla Group Limited provides web hosting and application development services for a large number of companies.  These companies range in scope from Information Technology service providers to companies which promote the arts.  Xayla Group Limited works closely with their clients, delivering custom solutions and assisting companies to fully realize the marketing advantage of their web presence.

Our history

Xayla Group Limited began as an engineering services corporation and has evolved over the past decade to provide a wide range of web hosting and high end application development services not only to the engineering community but an array of organizations in both the private and public sectors.

A management team with wide ranging experience allowed Xayla Group to leveraged experience in merchandising, hotel operations, grocery wholesale/retail, network engineering and operations, logistics planning and operations, along with facility management. They continue to deploy systems and software in Global Fortune 1000 companies throughout North America, Europe and Africa.

Promoting the arts

A team of people at Xayla Group has been closely involved with the acedemic community, artists and musicians to help promote the arts.  In this way, Xayla Group provides students and artists with opportunities to perform and interact with the business community.

Our future

Xayla Group's management is dedicated to making the most out of available technologies by implementing customized solutions, tying together diverse technogies to make them more usable by engineers, technicians and managers, and continuing our commitment to the promotion of arts and to building strong community.